• Francesco Aceto
  • Francesco Aceto



I was born in Turin in 1976 and when I was a child I only dreew trucks, racing cars and motorcycles. In 1991 I started my real artistic journey in a small laboratory where I spent my time drawing, painting, studying and designing. I attended the Italian Institute of Advertising Graphics and then I started working for multinationals in the advertising communication sector, developing ideas, projects, quotes, drawings, products. After twenty-two years, I'm still doing this today.


You will not find lists of places where I exhibited because I don't like to exhibit in public and by my nature I'm not thrilled by the guided paths and well-paved roads.

By personal choice, my works have no rules, there are no basic concepts, philosophical relationships with politics, riots and fractions of soul. It's simply what you see.

In this site you can see my projects, my expressions, my languages. What you see belongs to my interpretation of social history. My works are not related to anything, you will not find any business architecture, no market imposition.

You will not find biographies and artistic paths, well-known names, galleries or collaborations with institutions in the sector.